American Cities for Singular Men

Best American Cities for Single Men


Blogger website The Daily Beast crunched the numbers to pinpoint the 36 cities in the United States likely to have sexy, savvy, single men.

Atlanta rated as the best city to encounter sexy, savvy single men.

Those wily bloggers at The Daily Beast set out to quantify the best (and worst) American cities to meet singular men— those who are smart, fit, fun, and most importantly, single. Their methodology was straightforward. First, they measured cities with 500,000 or more residents. Suburbs, which have a far higher percentage of married people, weren’t included in the sample.

Gallery of the Best and Worst Cities to Encounter Single Men

Second, they focused primarily on which places had the highest numbers of unmarried men, percentage-wise. They further limited the parameters to single men between 18-to-49 years old with data coming from the U.S. Census.

They gave credit to cities with the highest percentage of single men with four-year college degrees. While individual charm and success vary, as a whole, this rewards men with brains and future earnings power (since a college degree typically adds $1 million to a person’s lifetime salary). They weighted this 20%.

They rewarded cities with the most gyms per capita, which serves as a proxy for fitness and recreational opportunities. That’s 10%. And finally, nightlife — specifically, bars, restaurants, clubs, and theaters per capita, as measured by Citysearch—were weighted 10%.

That’s how they played the game. With that, here’s where the boys are: America’s 36 biggest cities, ranked from first to worst.

1. Atlanta
Whether it’s the southern hospitality or the sub-tropical breezes, something about Atlanta is attracting all the right men.

2. Boston
With over 50 institutions of higher learning in the Boston area, the city has always been an ideal destination for the young and upwardly mobile.

3. Seattle
Microsoft, Boeing, and other tech companies that have sprung up around Seattle draw thousands of smart, educated guys from all over the world.

4. San Francisco
With those smarty-pants from Google and Facebook buzzing around on their scooters, intelligent guys with great careers are plentiful in San Francisco.

5. Minneapolis-St. Paul
The Land of 10,000 Lakes might safely be renamed the Land of 10,000 Dates.

6. Washington, DC
A city that’s all about networking unwinds at some of the best happy hours in the country, and unlike its hipper neighbor New York, people actually have time for a social life.

7. Austin
An exuberant nightlife, year-round festivals, and thousands of U.T. undergrads make the state capital a haven for art and tech lovers alike.

8. Miami
What it lacks in educated men (it ranked 24th in number of bachelors degrees) Miami makes up for in gyms and social life, coming in at #2 and #1, respectively.

9. San Diego
Like Miami’s beach bunnies, San Diegans tend to have great tans, great hair, great bodies, and because of the city’s high cost of living, lucrative jobs.

10. Denver
A growing arts district, top-notch microbreweries, and the nearby Rocky Mountains make the city scenic, fun, and appealing to outdoorsy singles.

11. Portland, OR
An emphasis on free-thinking makes it a place where even aging hippies can find love.

12. Columbus, OH
The scene is dominated by Ohio State, and available Buckeyes are out every night at the bars on Park Street.

13. Chicago
What pulled the Windy City down to number 13? An apparent dearth of gyms.

14. Los Angeles
It may be the glitz and sunshine, not the higher learning, that’s attracting transplants to the city of angels. Intellectual types might fare better heading north or east.

15. Baltimore
At its heart, “Bawlamer” is still a working-class enclave, where hardy men have lingered to work in manufacturing and shipping.

16. Milwaukee
Forbes ranked America’s brewery capital among its top cities for singles this year, with high marks in job growth and “coolness.”

17. Tucson
Though there are plenty of single men here, this perennially sunny city may not be the hottest spot to find a date.

18. Houston
This city is particularly hurt by a lack of single men compared to its competitors.

19. Nashville
The country music industry attracts songsters to the city’s Music Row, and local bars are loaded with crooning cowboys slinging their guitars, hoping to make it big.

20. Tampa-St. Petersburg
The area’s proximity to beaches ensures a vital nightlife and men who stay in shape.

21. Dallas-Fort Worth
If you’re looking for sophisticated urbanites, head for Dallas. If pickups and Wranglers are more your style, poke around Fort Worth.

22. Detroit
Unemployment doesn’t bode well for a city’s dating scene, and the U.S. headquarters of the auto industry has had a grim run.

23. New York City
Sex and the City tricked a nation of women into believing that New York was the ultimate destination for single women looking for love.

24. Phoenix
This nondescript desert metropolis doesn’t offer much in the way of meet and greets; it scored low for social life.

25. Philadelphia
A major-league city, to be sure, but we’re sorry to say that Philadelphia resides in the bush leagues when it comes to men.

26. Charlotte
After New York City, Charlotte is the country’s banking capital, making it the home to a number of young yuppies in training.

27. San Jose
Compared to its more cosmopolitan sister city to the north, San Francisco, the geekier San Jose has a hard time hosting singles who want to mingle.

28. Indianapolis
The Indianapolis 500 might as well refer to the number of eligible men left in this city.

29. Memphis
You’re more likely to find a good BBQ joint here than a guy with washboard abs.

30. Las Vegas
All those wedding chapels must be for out-of-towners.

31. Albuquerque
This sleepy southwestern town has Native American folklore and petroglyphs, but slim pickings for social life.

32. Oklahoma City
The Oklahoma Christian University lists Krispy Kreme as one of 76 places to take your date in Oklahoma City. Another suggestion: Sam’s Club, for the free samples.

33. Louisville
Situated in the heart of the Bible Belt, most of the men here are married.

34. San Antonio
So unless there’s a convention in town (and there usually is) the options in this city can be few and far between.

35. Jacksonville, FL
This is the city that never seems to end, sprawling for nearly 900 square miles. Despite all that space, Jacksonville has hardly any single guys.

36. El Paso, TX
El Paso came in dead last in three of our four categories (single guys, social life, and gyms) and nearly last in education.

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