A Taste of Tango in Los Angeles

A Taste of Tango in Los Angeles


A Taste of Tango in Los Angeles

You’ve seen the smoldering looks, the kohl-rimmed eyes, the entwining of limbs — no, you’re not at the Self-Realization Fellowship Center, it’s the tango, and it’s coming to a neighborhood near you. Now you can star in your own tango tryst by taking the low-cost tango classes at the Oxygen Tango. The center offers a variety of instruction, starting with a simple chest-to-chest style that can be used in any crowded dance hall and moving up to the more flexible and elegant “salon” style, which lets the woman dance more and follow less. The small class sizes offer a personal approach, mentoring for each person and the opportunity to grow into the dance according to your own abilities.

Classes are held at 12958 Washington Blvd. in Mar Vista. For more information call 310-430-5909.

Can you tango? Would you like to learn? We would love to hear your comments below.

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