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Love Debate Comes to Los Angeles

The Great Love Debate Comes to Los Angeles

By Kim Calvert
New Orleans: The Voodoo That You Do So Well

New Orleans: The Voodoo That You Do So Well

SingularCity’s LiLy Chen

SingularCity’s LiLy Chen

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Sizzling Salsa Sizzling Salsa
This is the SingularCity group for singles in Los Angeles who enjoy Latin-style dancing. Together we’ll discover the beauty of this lively and energetic dance filled with spins, turns and lots of action.
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featuredevent072814 Hike and Pool-Side Picnic
Join us on Sunday, August 3 for a hike on the Santa Ynez Trail in Pacific Palisades followed by a refreshing pool-side picnic at the home of one of our members who lives at the base of the trail.
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featuredalbum072814 Dinner Party at Open Sesame
On Sunday, July 20 we got together for a special dinner party at Open Sesame at 7458 Beverly Blvd., where we had the pleasure of enjoying an authentic Lebanese feast served family-style.
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featuredmember072814 Janine
Meet Janine, a member of  the SingularCity Los Angeles singles network.

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