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Is Being Single a Workplace Diversity Issue?
Employees and their bosses are told to respect those who don’t fit the status quo – so why is consideration for singles left out of diversity training?
Discovering Martinique
Life happens when you’re making other plans – like when I became an accidental tourist and ended up in Martinique, a little piece of France in the Caribbean.
What About A Singles Discount?
If anyone deserves a price break, it’s singles because they pay all the bills. So what’s up with all these “couples discounts” while singles pay full price?
Simon Says, Volume 3
Our stylish English gentleman is back with candid advice for readers’ questions on sexual compatibility, too many cats and wine country gaffs.
Featured Event
2016 Academy Awards Viewing Party
Sunday, February 28, 2016
4 - 8 p.m.
On Sunday, February 28, the 88th Academy Awards ceremony, hosted by Chris Rock, will honor the best films of 2015. We always have great time at our SingularCity Oscar parties and we'll have a great time this year too when we return to the "Singular House," an elegant, historic home near downtown Los Angeles to enjoy an evening of "star gazing" with multiple big-screen TVs, appetizers and desserts, drinks and fine company.