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Online Dating Really Sucks – Your Time
It used to be so easy to peruse romantic possibilities in your bathrobe, so why did they have to make it so complicated?
Single on Christmas
A Singular magazine classic and a must-read for those living single. Yes, you really can have a fabulous single life, you really can be single and happy -- even over the holidays.
Being Single vs. Being in a Relationship
Are you sure you really want to be in a relationship? The reality is usually never as sweet as the fantasy. Check out this video and be reminded.
Eat Your Vegetables!
What once was a dreaded order from parents has become a joyful indulgence – with this simple way to roast and add toppings to your favorite veggies.
Featured Event
Holiday Hike at Eaton Canyon Falls
Sunday, December 17, 2017
10 a.m.
Our next SingularCity hike will be on Sunday, December 17 on the Eaton Canyon Falls Trail in the Angeles National Forrest in the San Gabriel Mountains.